Located in the OpenTerrainGenerator/worlds folder this ini file has control over global variables that affect all installed worlds. This file contains 6 config settings controlling file comments, logging and the world pregenerator.

Settings Mode Edit

Settings mode determines whether OTG writes documentation as comments in config files. Can also disable writing entirely, and only read config files.  

Note: this does not affect biome config files, that is controlled by the preset's WorldConfig.ini

 The possible write modes are: 

WriteAll Write config files with help comments
WriteWithoutComments Write config files without help comments but keeping the sections names
WriteDisable Doesn't write to the config files, it only reads. Doesn't auto-update the configs. Use with care!
Defaults to SettingsMode: WriteAll

Log LevelsEdit

This is the level with which logs will be produced in the minecraft log files. Possible log levels:

Bare This will only show FATAL and ERROR logs
Quiet Minimal logging; This will show FATAL, ERROR, and WARN logs
Standard Default logging; This is exactly what you are used to. Quiet + INFO logs
Debug Above Normal logging; Standard logs + DEBUG logs
Trace Verbose logging; This gets very messy, Debug logs + TRACE logs
Defaults to LogLevel: Standard

Biome Config Extension Edit

The file extension used by OTG biome config files. Defaults to .bc, but can be set to:

  • .ini - example: Forest.ini
  • .biome - example: Forest.biome
  • .bc - example: Forest.bc
  • .bc.ini - example: Forest.bc.ini
  • .biome.ini - example: Forest.biome.ini

Spawn LogEdit

Shows detailed information about mob and BO3 spawning in the minecraft log files. Useful for TC world devs when set to true.

True Logs detailed information about mob and BO3 spawning
False No logging of mob and Bo3 spawning
Defaults to: SpawnLog: false

Developer Mode Edit

In developer mode, OTG clears the Biome Object cache whenever a world or dimension is unloaded. The setting can be "true" or "false", defaults to false.

Pregenerator RulesEdit

PregeneratorMaxChunksPerTick is the number of chunks the pre-generator is allowed to generate for each server tick. Value should be between 1 and 5. Higher numbers make pre-generation faster but increase memory usage and will cause lag.

Defaults to: PregeneratorMaxChunksPerTick: 2

Progress is logged in the server console.

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