Open Terrain Generator Wiki

Note: This information is for OTG 1.12.2. For 1.16.5, see here.

When packaged in a modpack with presets, a configuration file can be used to show/hide the OTG world creation menu and automatically add specified presets as dimensions. Settings for presets can also be overridden via the modpack configuration file to allow customisation without editing of presets.

How do I create a modpack config file and where do I put it?[]

1. Create a world with the OTG dimensions you want and configure the settings for each dimension via the OTG world creation menu / in-game O menu. When you're satisfied with your settings, leave your world so it's saved to disk.

2. Check the /saves/<worldname>/OpenTerrainGenerator/ folder, the Config.yaml file contains the settings for your overworld and dimensions. Copy the file and move it to /config/OpenTerrainGenerator/ to use it as a modpack configuration file.

How can I automatically add and configure OTG dimensions?[]

Settings in the modpack config are used as default values when users create a new world:

- Via the OTG world creation menu: When the user creates a new OTG overworld with the same preset as your modpack config's, the world creation screen automatically adds your config's dimensions and settings.

- OTG overworld creation on MP server start: If the preset configured for the overworld is the same as your modpack config's, your dimensions and settings are automatically added.

- Vanilla world creation SP / MP: If your modpack config's overworld has no preset, it is assumed to target a vanilla (non-OTG) overworld. Your config's dimensions and settings are automatically added when the vanilla overworld is created.


The following settings can be added to the root node of the modpack config, if they don't already exist:

- ShowOTGWorldCreationMenu: true/false. Shows/hides the OTG world creation menu.

- ModPackConfigName: Name of your modpack config, used when updating.

- ModPackConfigVersion: Number. Version of your modpack config, used when updating.

The following settings can be added to overworld and dimensions nodes:

- ShowInWorldCreationGUI: true/false. Hides this preset from the OTG world creation menu. Use this to hide presets used as dimensions, so they can't be selected as the overworld.

- LowestSupportedModPackConfigVersion: Number. Used when updating your modpack. The lowest version of your modpack config that worlds can be created with, if they should still work with this version. Used with RemoveOnUpdate.

- RemoveOnUpdate: true/false; If the overworld/dimension being updated is below LowestSupportedModPackConfigVersion, it can't be used with this version of the modpack, so delete it and recreate it.

*For the remaining overworld/dimension specific settings configured via the OTG world creation menu / in-game O menu, see the bottom section of WorldConfig.ini (enable SettingsMode: WriteAll to write comments).