Open Terrain Generator Wiki

What is OTG?

Open Terrain Generator is a fully customizable world generation mod/plugin. Through its configuration files it gives the user control over almost every aspect of Minecraft's world generation, allowing you to generate anything from floating islands to cave worlds with no knowledge of Java required.

OTG is just an engine, to make use of its functions you must either install a World Preset (see Installing World Presets) or make your own custom World Preset (see Configuration below or in Navigation bar at the top). OTG supports both Paper (servers) and Forge (servers and single-player).

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Main Features

  • Control horizontal and vertical noise, terrain height and volatility
  • Create new biomes and control the size of biomes, islands and continents
  • Generate biome maps from image or config files
  • Design or import custom trees and other objects
  • Design large custom structures with mobs and loot
  • Control vanilla structures like mineshafts, strongholds and villages
  • Control all blocks placed during world generation: ores, plants, dungeons, ponds, etc
  • Control caves and ravines
  • Control mob spawning rules and climate settings per biome
  • Visual settings like custom foliage, water, sky and fog colors (OTG client required)
  • Forge multi-dimension support, create your own dimensions and configure portals
  • Publish your preset as your own mod/plugin (jar)
  • World creation GUI and configuration files for modpack developers

Getting Started

If you are a player looking to use an already made OTG preset, this section contains all of the information you are likely to need.

Installing OTG

Installing world presets

Setting up Dimensions & Modpacks

GUI & Commands

Config Files Overview

If you are a world preset developer the below pages contain information about all of the config files and settings.

Custom Trees, Objects & Structures

Tools & Resources


  • This section is incomplete, join us on the Discord if you have any questions.

Getting started creating your own custom world:

  • Primer: Creating your own preset
  • What can OTG do? (Overall description of the different things you can do with OTG)
  • Your first custom biome (walkthrough of deciding global settings & creating a simple custom biome including finishing touches like mob spawning, temperature)
  • Ores, plants and other resources (deep dive on the resource queue)    
  • Tips for making terrain more interesting and varied (fracture settings, volatility settings, custom height control, isle biomes)
  • Dos and Don'ts for worldgen performance
  • Creating a world from an image

OTG worlds as dimensions:

  • Overview (walkthrough of the different dimension features)
  • Adding an OTG world as a dimension (using the o menu, worldconfig settings and/or modpack config)
  • Getting to a dimension (portals, dim up / down)
  • Gamerules and other settings

Custom Object and structures:

  • Making a bo3 customstructure
  • Making a bo4 customstructure

Publishing a preset:

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