Open Terrain Generator Wiki

Note: This page is for OTG 1.16.5 version of OTG. For 1.12.2, see GUI and Commands (1.12).

World Creation GUI[]

After following the Single Player Forge installation instructions you will be presented with the world creation GUI in game.

Once you have clicked Single Player -> Create New World -> More World Options, then World Type a few times until you see World Type: OTG then Customize, you will be presented with this screen. This GUI allows you to assign OTG presets to the normal Minecraft dimensions (Overworld / Nether / End) or to add them as separate stand alone dimensions which can be accessed via a portal.

Clicking one of the normal Minecraft dimensions will allow you to choose from your list of installed presets which can be used for that world. Note that you do not need to use an OTG preset for these, you can also choose "Non-OTG" (which will present you with an option to choose a non-OTG world type) or "Vanilla" (which means OTG will not impact that dimension).

Clicking the Add button will allow you to add OTG presets as separate dimensions. Selecting an added dimension and clicking Remove will remove it. If you want to change the preset selection for an already added dimension, click Edit.

If you are a modpack developer and would like to assign some of these options as defaults without requiring user setup as above, please see the wiki section on modpack configuration.

In-Game Commands[]

Most commands on the 1.12 page also exist for 1.16.x, though some of the names/arguments have changed. Documentation is WIP, use /otg help, auto-complete or ask on Discord.

Permissions (Spigot/Paper only)[]

  • otg.* - Full OTG permissions
    • otg.cmd.* - The same thing as otg.*
      • otg.cmd.biome - Allows you to see the current biome
      • - Modifies OTG data
      • otg.cmd.edit - Allows you to edit OTG structures
      • otg.cmd.export - Allows you to export structure to bo3/bo4
      • otg.cmd.flush - Flushes OTG data
      • otg.cmd.preset - See current preset
      • otg.cmd.region - Configures region for OTG commands, may be replaced with WorldEdit
      • otg.cmd.structure - Sees information about structures
      • - Shows available commands
      • - Access to /otg mapbiome and /otg mapterrain
      • otg.cmd.spawn - Spawns structure
      • - Teleport to biome